Dr William Somerville (1771-1860) - Some Family Members

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Robin Jeffrey, a direct descendant of Martha Rutherford (née Somerville, Dr William Somerville's sister and Mary Somerville's sister in law), was kind enough to send us images of some of his ancestors. The images (with brief biographical notes) are displayed below. As the images come from before the age of photography but are on mounts with the name "R. Jack, Jedburgh N.B. [North Britain]", it is likely that they were photographed by Mr Jack from old paintings or drawings. (Mr Jack was a commercial photographer active in Jedburgh in the period 1900 to 1920.)

Samuel Somerville
Above - Samuel Charters Somerville (1776-1823).
Writer to the Signet. Manager of the estates of
Lord Somerville.

Brother of Dr William Somerville.

Rev William Somerville
Above - Rev William Somerville (1691-1757).
Minister of Hawick.

Grandfather of Dr William Somerville.


Janet Grierson
Above - Janet Grierson (died 1749).
Wife of Rev William Somerville.
Paternal grandmother of Dr William Somerville.

Agnes Learmonth
Above - Agnes Learmonth (died 1750).
Wife of Rev John Grierson, Minister of Queensferry.
Mother of Janet Grierson.
Great grandmother of Dr William Somerville.

Samuel Charters
Above - Samuel Charters (c1712-96).
Solicitor of Customs in Scotland.
Grandfather of both Dr William Somerville and his
second wife Mary (née Fairfax).

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