Notes by George Maitland Railson:

This photograph with me and my classmates was taken at Ferguson Place Primary School sometime in 1952 I believe. Clearly the teachers had large classes to contend with in those days. As viewed, Iím standing third from the left in the back row. I only have a vague recollection of the names of my classmates but Iím sure that there will be someone who can help put names to all the faces. The only ones that I think that I can identify are the following. Back Row: William Penman (1st from the right), Brian MacLaughlan (4th from the right). Third Row: Belinda ?? (6th from the right). Second Row: Helen Forsyth. Front Row: Richard Duckworth (1st from the right), Gordon Brand (5th from the right). Hopefully someone may be able to put names to the others and to correct me if Iím wrong about those whom I think Iíve correctly identified.

At the time the photograph was taken I lived with our parents in a prefab at 6 Dollar Grove. I was born two years earlier at the home of my grandparents, namely James and Elizabeth Guyan, who lived at 25 Rossend Crescent (now Shepherd Crescent), Burntisland. Mr and Mrs Gunn, the parents of Albert Gunn, whom you interviewed in February 2005 about his experience as an RAF gunner during World War 2, lived next door at number 26. My parents took up temporary residence with my grandparents after my father was discharged from the RAF at the end of the war. Iím not sure when they made the move from Rossend Crescent to the prefab at Dollar Road but as I believe the prefabs were constructed soon after the war ended, I guess this would have around 1945/46. We left Burntisland around late summer 1954 but I still have very fond memories of the town.