Notes by Derek Veale, when he was speculating about the date of this photo: "As a kid growing up in Burntisland, I remember quite vividly the previous Orange Bulk Handlers (I think there may have been three before they were replaced). If I am right the numbers on the bow ran consecutively with these two new ones which operated until the end in November 2002. I further remember that the three legged gantry, to the left of the train, was assembled to wash the lorries or load the caustic lorries. In the foreground, where the red pile of ore is, this area used to be all green with bushes and growth and some hills. Again this used to be a great play area for many of our age group. I remember the bulldozers clearing it and I do not recall being too upset about it. I am sure I was at High School when this occurred, so you could be looking at a photo dated 1980 to 1985; perhaps c1984. The bollards and fences that are now yellow used to be black."