Notes by Keddie Law: James Park looking towards the Erskine U.F. Church from the Shipyard steps / Black Jock’s Hill. The most interesting feature of this photograph is the children playing without fear of being run over by a car. This was the case well into the 1950s. A more recent photograph dated 1989, shows a line of parked cars running the length of the street, and such is the volume of traffic and the lack of off-street parking that Ferguson Place is now a one-way street. The Shipyard steps mentioned above (not to be confused with the steps from Seaforth Place to the Castle area) lead from the top of James Park over the eastern tip of Black Jock's Hill to Kirkcaldy Road and the Toll Park. The houses overlooking the Toll Park, with the exception of the bungalow next to the new school buildings, once belonged to Burntisland Shipyard, as did Black Jock's Hill before it was sold off to developers in the 1960s.