Craigkennochie from the Links
On the left - Craigholm Crescent; centre rear - Craigkennochie Terrace; right - the Erskine Church. Craigkennochie Terrace
was the brainchild of William Dick, the founder of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.
Notes on golf by Keddie Law
Burntisland Golf Club was founded in the late 18th century, possibly in 1797 – claims to be the 11th oldest golf club in the world. The Club currently occupies the elevated site at Dodhead, with some wonderful views over the Forth estuary, but in its earlier days golfers played on the original 15-hole golf course on the Links. In those days it wasn’t so much the obstacles of bunkers which were the problem, but as the Links were – and still are – regarded as common land, there were obstacles of a different kind: housewives hanging out their washing; fishermen drying and repairing their nets and even residents’ cattle grazing. Historians tell us that golf was played on the Links as early as the 1660s, but this photo, probably taken around 1910, shows golfers playing on the original links golf course. This section of the Links near the Erskine Church became, somewhat appropriately, an 18-hole putting green in the 1950s and 1960s.