Mrs Hollingworth's class, Dollar Road School ("The Wee School"), in June 1962. From Maggie Wiggins, née Cook.
Back row: Brian Girvan, Michael Adamson, Colin Ewan, Andrew McDougall, Kenneth Swan, Nicol Jardine, Gary Gemmell.
Middle row: Stuart Davies, Michael Gaitens, David McKenzie, Brian Ford.
Front row: Lorna Mieklejohn, Isobel Roxburgh, Sandra Manning, Margaret Rough, Elaine Inglis, Mrs Hollingworth, Margaret Cook, Maureen Cooper, Jacqueline White, Linda Methven, Jacqueline Smith.
Front: David Petrie.
Maggie commented: "Must have been a 'bug' going round that day, as there were a lot of absentees. I can’t remember them all, but here are the names of those I can remember: Jimmy Gregory, Alan Hutchison, Frank Pratt, Michael Calder, Jimmy Murdoch, Andrew Smith, Billy Duke, Pat Glen, Catherine Rough, Heather Craig, Mary Laird, Anne Marshall, Andrew Smith."