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Bald, William (c1788-1857)     Pioneering cartographer, surveyor and civil engineer; significant contributor to the infrastructure of Ireland.

Chalmers, Thomas (1780-1847)     Founder of the Free Church of Scotland.

Danskin, David (1863-1948)     Founder of Arsenal Football Club.

Dick, William (1793-1866)     Founder of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

Forbes, George Hay (1821-75)     Episcopal priest, distinguished scholar and publisher.

Hendrick, Petronella (1829-1917)     Born into slavery in Suriname. Died in Burntisland, after many years as nanny to the children of Robert Kirke.

Kirke, Robert     Prominent plantation and slave owner; Laird of Greenmount, Burntisland.

Mitchell, James Lothian (1863-1908)     Notable local politician and headmaster. Contents:
          Part 1 (1863-1902) - Setting the Scene: The Early Years (includes photos of Burntisland School staff)
Part 2 (1903-06) - Battles with the Railway Company and the Sacking of the Headmaster
Part 3 (1904-07) - The Fight for the Public Library and the Visit of Andrew Carnegie (includes photo of the Brass Band)
Part 4 (1907-08) - The Purchase of Rossend Estate and the End of an Era (includes photos of the Volunteer Artillery)

Paterson, Aileen (1934-2018)     Author and illustrator of the 'Maisie, the Morningside Kitten' books.

Pitcairn, Robert (1752-1770)     Discoverer of Pitcairn Island. (Also includes information on his father, John Pitcairn (1722-75), citizen of Burntisland and war hero.)

Sargent, Anneila     Distinguished astronomer of the present day.

Somerville, Mary (1780-1872)     Pioneering mathematician and astronomer.

Sweet, Darrell (1947-99)     Rock musician. (This external link will take you to Darrell Sweet's Wikipedia page.)

Young, Andrew (1854-1925)     Early photographer, and artist and historian.

Young family (Grange, Colinswell)     Distillers and farmers; local benefactors.

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