Old Maps of Burntisland

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Currently available on this website are:

The best collection of old maps of Burntisland is held by the National Library of Scotland. Their collection includes:

                Estate Map

            Burntisland parish, 1901 - Plan of freehold estate [of Grange] at Burntisland, Fifeshire

     Town Maps

            1824 - John WOOD - Plan of the Town of Burnt-island from actual survey

            1832 - Great Reform Act - Burntisland

            1846 - James LESLIE - Ferry pier, with proposed alteration & extension

            1894 - ORDNANCE SURVEY - Large Scale Town Plan - 7 sheets

National Records of Scotland also have a large collection, but it is less accessible. However, Burntisland Heritage Trust have copies of many of their maps, and these can be viewed at the Heritage Centre during opening hours or by arrangement. The maps are:

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