Miscellaneous History

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This section of the site contains historical material which is not covered by the other items on the main menu.

Economic History
A brief note on Burntisland's economy over the years. (Also see 'Burntisland in the 1790s and in the 1830s' below.)

The War Memorial
Images of Burntisland's War Memorial, with the names of all those who fell in the World Wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45.
War graves in Burntisland Cemetery
This external link takes you to photographs of the headstones in Burntisland Cemetery in Kinghorn Road which include deaths related to the two World Wars. Additional information about the people who died is also given. Please note that 71 headstones are included, spread over five pages. They include 75 war-related deaths, not all of which feature on Burntisland's War Memorial. The photographs and information have been provided by Burntisland historian John Burnett.

Forth Place: the Rail Ferries and the Buildings
A description of the the area which was a national transport hub for many years: includes the railway station, Forth Hotel and Downie's Stables.

Detailed Information on James Park, the Lochies, and the Sugar House near the Harbour; and index of other deeds
By Gill Paterson.

Burntisland Library centenary
The centenary of Burntisland's Public Library, which was opened by Andew Carnegie on 18 September 1907.

Trade Directory of 1862
Contains a brief description of the town, and 283 directory entries grouped by trade, profession, etc.

The Green Tree (1950)
A striking and evocative painting of the west end of the High Street by Tom Gourdie.

The Alcan Cartoon
A remarkable cartoon created at the Alcan Chemicals (then British Aluminium) plant during the Second World War and depicting the production process.

The Palais de Danse, Manse Lane
How the Palais was promoting itself in the 1920s.
Statistical Accounts
A transcription of the chapter on Burntisland from the 'Statistical Account of Scotland' of 1791-1799. Full details of this, and of the later Statistical Account of 1845, can be found on Edinburgh University's Edina website.

Starleyburn in 1914
An image of a 1914 painting of the cottage at Starleyburn, with notes by Charlie Kilgour.

Mrs Leven's Reminiscences
The reminiscences of Mrs Janet Leven, who was the daughter of the Rev James Wemyss (Minister of Burntisland Parish Church from 1779 for over 40 years) and a cousin of Mary Somerville.

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