Guided Historical Walks
and Heritage Trails Leaflet

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Burntisland Heritage Trust offers guided historical walks of the inner and outer heritage trails during the summer, and occasionally at other times. Please visit the home page to see the latest information on these guided walks.

In addition, in 2012, the Trust published a revised and updated version of its popular free leaflet giving comprehensive information on Burntisland's inner and outer heritage trails, so that visitors can explore them without a guide. The aim of the leaflet is to inform residents and visitors of the town’s rich environmental, historical and industrial heritage. The inner trail is about one mile and is confined to the town. The outer trail is about four miles and includes the Binn (hill) and countryside to the north of the town.

The leaflet has colourful maps of the inner and outer heritage trails, with linked notes on points of interest and photographs. There is also some information on the Trust’s activities.

Please click here to download the revised 2012 version of the leaflet as a PDF file (1.6Mb, opens in a new tab or window). You can then save it if you wish. The PDF file displays the leaflet as four A4 pages, which can be printed in the normal way.

Paper copies of the leaflet are available free of charge at various outlets in the town.

The Geology of Burntisland
If you're walking in the Burntisland area, you might also be interested in the fascinating geological features in and around the town. Please click here to download an easy-to-print PDF file of the Geology page on this website (2Mb, opens in a new tab or window).


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