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thanks for that info the shop below being a butchers shop makes sence as the groom is listed as master butcher as an accupation while the brides father was the harbour master

Original message added: January 5, 2011
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while doin family tree ive found a wedding that took place at 40 high street on october 18th 1876 trying to find out what building was on that spot at the time :!thinking:

Reply from Iain Sommerville, webmaster:
Hi Susan,

The High Street numbers changed around the 1960s. Before the change, there was, broadly speaking, one number per building instead of one per shop or house; and the even numbers were on the north side.

Thanks to research done by Eric Johnstone of Burntisland Heritage Trust, we can be fairly sure where 40 High Street was in 1876. Graham the butcher occupied the ground floor shop at 40 High Street (old numbering) and 83 High Street (new numbering). 83 High Street is now Cleavers restaurant (closed), next door to the Royal Mail Delivery Office. So the wedding is likely to have taken place in a house above Cleavers restaurant. However, the current building might not be the same one. A lot of rebuilding took place in the second half of the 19th century.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your research. (Sorry I can't help with your earlier questions.)


Original message added: January 1, 2011
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I am trying to find a cousin I believe is living in Burntisland his name is John Murray he will be in his early 60's. I would like some Information about my dad Andrew Murray known as (Studie)
He died in 1956.
I would be very grateful for any help as there are some questions I need to ask.
Mary Cargill (MURRAY)

Original message added: November 23, 2010
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iam trying to find out the name of the record shop that was on burntisland high street in the late 60s that went on fire , as my great great auntie lived above the shop and died a short while after the fire due to fumes she inhaled from the shop fire.

Original message added: September 5, 2010
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iam doing a family tree and looking for info on the crosslands the leitchs the ness and reid familys my great uncle thomas reid was a beadle at the st columbus church.
my great aunt maiden name johnstone married a chap called sandy ness they had 3 sons jimmy john and alex i know alex is deceased but cant trace the rest of family any help welcome :!thinking:

Original message added: August 31, 2010
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Original message added: August 29, 2010
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Hey Leighton, your g g grandfather john black might also be mine! he is one of my possibles, as my g grandfather john may be James' brother. My g grandfather (on my paternal line) was john black, born in burntisland, he became a draper, married Mary Angles, and his son also john black, my grandfather, became a ship's engineer, just like your james. would appreciate any info re james' brother john, as i havent been able to pin him down.

Reply from Iain Sommerville, webmaster:
Hi Lynne,

I'll send you Leighton's email address in a separate email, so you can get in direct contact with him. Good luck with the family history research!


Original message added: July 10, 2010
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WOW ! what a site, congratulations.
it enthuses with an invitation to look further (and come and play in burntisland).

my maternal family came from here and I have heard so much over the years about burntisland (that wasn't an island); sadly i was unable to visit when in edinburgh in 1992. one day i shall return to trace my roots. great-great-grandfather, john black, born bi,23 mar 1826 married 11 feb 1849 jane baird. my g-g-fa james b. 23 jan 1850 was ship's engineer m. elizabeth gilmour 1 nov 1872 with family, followed the ships to work the paddlesteamers on the clyde in 1888. :p

Original message added: July 4, 2010
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i sail into burntisland docks on my yacht seeker 111 when up from my home in northampton any plans for a marina it would bring jobs and money for the town or local boat trips that run from the beach when i was child best wishes george costagliola

Original message added: May 7, 2010
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My mum was born in Burntisland back in 1934 and left with her family (Morrison) to start a new life in Australia.
She spoke of her childhood there and had (and still does) many fond memories of growing up in Burntisland.

My grandfather was a ships plater at the dockyards and my gran worked in the local Chemist developing photos.

Mum also worked at the local library (Miss McBride was the head librarian) and also at the Co-op.

I have been trying to find the name of the Chemist in Burntisland back in the 20's / 30's, but having no success. Wondering if there is a possiblity of finding this out.

I was in Burntisland myself about 12 years ago and it was very much a deja vu experience - like i'd been there before - I suppose all the stories we heard as kids coming to life.

For mum and dads 50th year of being in Australia, we sent them both to their respective home countries - mum had never been "home" before then. She wanted to remember it as it was.
She caught up with her life-long school friend in Glenrothes - they have written to each other faithfully since 1952 and each year a new Scottish calendar (the tea towels) arrives in the mail!!

I do have a couple of old school photo's back from the 1940's. I would be more than happy to send them on for posting on your site.

It was a pleasure visitng your site (and of course coming to Scotland).

Best wishes from Australia!

Reply from Iain Sommerville, webmaster:
Hi Eric,

Good to hear from you!

My Heritage Trust colleagues, John Burnett and Eric Johnstone, have supplied the following information about chemists in Burntisland:

Bissett & Gilmour, 67 High Street, 1892-1943. This could also have traded under Andrew Gilmour or Mary Morrison (when Andrina Bissett owned the premises).
Thomas Wilson, 110 High Street (owners Dover & Cuthbert), 1902-1955.
Francis Jackson, 110 High Street, 1956-1966.

John has asked: "Is this Morrison a coincidence with the one mentioned in query? If we establish what chemist we could see if we have photo of it."

Many thanks for your offer of the school photos for the website. I'd be delighted to add them. You can email them by using the email link on the 'Contact' page on the website.

Kind regards,

Iain Sommerville

Original message added: April 27, 2010
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