Burntisland's Cinemas

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As befitted a seaside resort town, Burntisland had a long and happy relationship with its three cinemas. The first was the Palace at the corner of Kirkgate and East Leven Street. It had a short life, a decade or so, and it closed in the 1920s. The main reason for its closure was the opening of the Porte Cinema around 1916. The shell of the Porte survives, a prominent reminder of one of Scotland's first purpose built cinemas. Grandest of all, the new Palace Cinema of 1939 superseded the Porte. It stopped showing films around the early 1970s, and was destroyed by fire in 1985 - but that was not the end of the story, as the first link below will show!

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The Palace Cinema, opened in 1939 and demolished in 2008

The Porte Cinema, its recent history, and some reminiscences

Norman Mackie's article on the history of Burntisland's three cinemas

An external link to the 'Scottish Cinemas and Theatres Project' website
This has a lot of information on the Porte and new Palace cinemas, plus photos. You'll find 'Burntisland' under 'Scotland A-Z'.

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