Community Council Meeting Reports (2006)

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There were no reports for
the period January to June 2006.

ommunity Council Meeting of 14 July 2006

Report by Community Council Press Officer Heather Leuchars

Chairman Alex MacDonald reminded Community Councillors of the Standing Orders code of conduct set out for both them and members of the public whilst attending meetings. It is a requirement that all questions are directed through the Chair in a courteous concise manner to enable those wishing to speak the best opportunity of being heard.

At the June meeting of the Community Council it had been decided not to endorse the funding of permanent shelters on the Links from the Common Good Fund. However the Common Good Sub-Committee members over-ruled that decision on 14th July. The official opening of the new water feature had been arranged for Sunday 16th July. New swings have also been installed for children to enjoy. Beach work is nearing a conclusion with the replacement sand now in situ. Repair work which is required to the sea wall beyond Lochies Road will commence shortly. It is hoped that after autumn consultations on the Lammerlaws Bridge a construction programme will proceed stretching over a 5-6 month period from the middle of winter.

Sgt Johnston in his police report spoke of recent deployment of his officers due to serious assault crimes etc. He stressed that to crack down on crime it was imperative that the public report any incident which may cause them concern no matter how trivial it may seem initially. Public should also be aware of potential thefts from garden sheds etc during summer months. Mention was made on the Police crackdown on alcohol drinking in public places. This is a criminal offence where a fine of £500 can be imposed. Burntisland has a Bye Law banning the drinking of alcohol in public areas within the town. After a great deal of work in the setting up of the lovely floral enhancement arrangements throughout the town it has been noted that acts of vandalism/theft of plants have occurred at a number of locations. It would be appreciated if the public could report anything they see.

The Community Council normally breaks for the month of July, however the decision to convene resulted from the well attended May and June meetings and concerns raised by members of the public with regard to the High Street. The subsequent lengthy written response from Ian Napier of Fife Transportation was touched upon briefly but it was decided to place the response in the Library for people to view at leisure. The weekly update of High Street works is displayed at the notice board outside the Burgh Chambers. The Chair was asked to request the complete work schedule be made known to the Community Council. Councillors Kay and Edwards will endeavour to obtain this schedule. A member of the public approached the Chair and handed a petition signed by members of the public requesting that the light crossing be reinstated. This will be forwarded to Fife Transportation. Shopkeepers yet again voiced concerns over lack of loading bays in High Street and their reduction in income.

There were further concerns over the fortnightly uplift of the black bin, this will be reviewed if deemed necessary but not in the short term. Anyone having difficulties in dispensing of their rubbish should phone the Fife Council local office. It was also mentioned that ‘official persons’ have been seen inspecting bins to ensure that recycling is being carried out. This action has been deemed totally unacceptable and if Fife Council want people to recycle they need to encourage not intimidate them.

The question of disabled access to Burgh Chambers is to be resurrected and acted upon.

The Toll Centre had requested assistance from the Common Good Fund for Disabled Access, but the Community Council refused to assist on this occasion, the feeling being it is Fife Council’s responsibility.

Since Iain Sommerville ceased writing articles for the FFP on the Community Council there has been a lack of regular updates available to the public. This will hopefully be addressed with the appointment of Heather Leuchars who volunteered for the position as Press Officer.

The Press Officer was on holiday, and no report was supplied for the meeting of 11 August.

ommunity Council Meeting of 8 September 2006

Report by Community Council Press Officer Heather Leuchars

Police report - Fire at Alcan due to a ruptured gas main was duly dealt with; break-in at site resulted in a stile saw being stolen; reported house break-ins within the Kinghorn area; youth disorder is now mainly due to locals; alcohol zero tolerance approach is in place; public are requested to forward any information or concerns they may have to Police in relation to any incident they witness.

High Street - Public attending the BCC meeting again voiced their concerns over crossings within the new High Street layout and asked that the Community Council and Councillors give support for traffic lights to be reinstated at a pedestrian crossing in the High Street. Parking - High St, Cromwell Road, Harbour Place parking will only be allowed at designated bays. No time restriction to bay opposite Police Station. War Memorial - enquiries are to be made enabling new slabs to be laid within the site whilst road works are in progress.

Christmas - Christmas lighting will be attached to the new street lights rather than the buildings and additional lighting in the form of a Nativity scene to be located at St Andrews Court. It is proposed to hold some event to mark the switch on 2nd December.

Palace Cinema - new plans with Planning. Advice being awaited from Scottish Architectural Design regards finish, materials etc. C.P.O. is being proceeded with.

James Park - refuse collection posing a problem due to parked vehicles and it is proposed that two sections of road will be marked with a single yellow line and parking denied between 9.00 am and midday for the purpose of collection. Until this is carried out Police/Traffic Wardens are to be asked for their co-operation to allow unhindered access by the refuse vehicle.

Lammerlaws Bridge - investigative work to be carried out to ascertain condition of existing bridge. Some of this work will have to be carried out between trains running and at night. The night-time working is due to take place on Sat. 30th Sept/Sun. 1st Oct. between approx midnight and 7am. Although this will incur some noise the adjacent houses should be shielded from noise by the bridge deck and abutment wall itself.

Beach - Limestone Pier: several proposals contained in a report and a consensus of which to pursue to be reached. A strategy will then have to be found to make it happen. Beach cleaning - a bid has been forwarded and if successful the beach will be cleaned three times weekly in summer and once weekly in winter with the collection of litter several times a week throughout the year.

Windmills - it is hoped that Burntisland will be considered an area of exceptional landscape value and that a farm will not proceed here.

Ship to Ship transfers - everything that can be done is being done to try and prevent this happening.

Skate Park - design finalised with the skaters group and will go to tender this month. Assuming all goes to plan completion will be spring 2007.

Seamill & Castle Improvements - draft brief will go out to consultation; and will be discussed at the Castle Residents Assoc meeting on 20th Sept  and the next BCC meeting on 13th Oct.

ommunity Council Meeting of 13 October 2006

Report by Community Council Press Officer Heather Leuchars

Presentation on the Seamill and Castle Initiative: Tim Havard, Project Manager reported on proposals for Viewpoint at Ross Point; landscaping of Seamill pond; landscaping of Red Pond; demolition and reconstruction at Seamill Barn. Various valid points were raised by the public which were noted by Mr Havard. Bottle Park clearing to commence shortly with the intention of turning it into a play park. Currently looking for funding for Ross Point viewpoint and Monks Walk.

Councillor Edwards' report: High Street - meetings with Transportation staff continue and appear to be defusing several problems. Issue of Lothian Street and Harbour Place corners being too tight are being addressed. Lammerlaws Bridge - contract is with Network Rail - old bridge scheduled to be removed in February with replacement completed by May. Haugh Road - flooded four times since August 12th, increasing pressure on Scottish Water to resolve situation.

Floral Enhancement - proposed High Street arrangements will welcome and encourage visitors and residents alike to enjoy shopping in the town centre so deserves support. As they are maintained on a voluntary basis Sheila McGregor is asking that any traders or members of the public who are interested in assisting to contact her or note their interest with any member of the Community Council.

War Memorial - costs to be obtained for new paving. Remembrance Sunday 12th November, Parade and Service arrangements - 10am muster at Fire Station leaving at 10.10am for Erskine Church service 10.45am; War Memorial 12 noon.

The Showmen's Guild have made a much appreciated donation towards the cost of this year's Christmas lighting.

Doreen Reid has stepped down from being Community Council Secretary - grateful thanks are extended to Doreen for all her hard work.

ommunity Council Meeting of 10 November 2006

Report by Community Council Press Officer Heather Leuchars

Police Report: vandalism within the town voiced as a concern; this as with any acts of crime witnessed by the public should be notified to the Police. Only by reporting crime can the Police record the areas of recurring crime enabling them to act accordingly. This again will establish where more Policing is required.

Councillor Kay’s report: open shelter on Links to be erected by end November; the erection of bollards on the grass next to Links Place toilets to prevent parking on grass; grass to replace poorly maintained shrubbery at east end of Lonsdale; Palace Cinema ongoing with Planning, Estates, Legal Services, owner and his advisors; Christmas Lights Switch On 2 December, and a programme is being produced listing events which are scheduled to take place on the night; Lammerlaws Bridge - drawings will be available in the coming weeks at 96 High Street, the Local Office and Library, availability will be advertised.

Councillor Edwards' report: Skate Park/Ball Courts - planning consent required for work to proceed, 2020 Trust to take both projects forward; Skate Park anticipated for early summer and more fundraising still required for Ball Courts; the Beacon will operate and maintain the courts once built; once built Friday/Saturday evenings (min) will be free for the youth of the town and youth workers to work together. Seamill & Castle Improvements - work started; Community Services are still consulting on the adventure equipment and anyone 8-14 yrs who wants to help with choices should contact Bill Webster at the Toll Centre; High Street - surfacing, parking bays to be completed immediately; lights, street furniture and pedestrian crossing to follow; questionnaires (1000) have been given out by Fife Transportation to shopkeepers for public to voice their choice of location for crossing and bus shelter.

Councillors Edwards and Kay proposed a newsletter to go out to each household encouraging people to use the High Street, for public to voice their likes/dislikes and any additional features they would like to see; shops and pubs would be asked to participate by possibly offering “money off” vouchers.

Bonfire/Fireworks night was a great success - thanks to Castle Residents for organising and running this with the support of the Community Council and Fife Council.

Other Matters Arising: Concerns over the removal of paying Rent and Council Tax at the Local Office and no appropriate receipts being given by outlets taking same; the High Street yet again became a heated topic for debate - he main concerns are those which have been raised many times before, mainly safety issues, loading and unloading of commercial vehicles giving real cause for concern, angle of parking, current lack of disabled parking. The question was raised as to whether the 1000 questionnaires will have any real impact on the end result of location for bus stop and crossing. Ultimately everyone wants the same - a High Street to be proud of - which for residents and visitors alike surely equates to a safe one.

ommunity Council Meeting of 8 December 2006

Report by Community Council Press Officer Heather Leuchars

Ron Blanchard has accepted the position of Secretary to the Community Council.

Police Report: Should members of the public know the whereabouts or have any information in relation to two missing local persons, James Ewing & Thomas Tibbert, they are asked to contact the Police. The High Street was briefly closed to allow Christmas decorations to be secured due to high winds. The Street festivities went ahead without incident other than a few minor issues with Santa's horse. Culprits have been traced in relation to house break-ins and vandalism to vehicles. Kinghorn has been plagued by youth disorder. The smoking ban has caused complaints to Police of persons smoking outside licensed premises becoming noisy late at night. Meeting with Golf Club resulted in agreement to realign the practice tee so that direction of drive was away from Ramsay Crescent/Duncanson Drive as rogue golf balls were giving cause for concern. A neighbourhood watch system within the town would be encouraged and those interested should contact the local station. The local Police station is manned by a clerical person from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri; outwith that it is a response station.

Cllr Kay Report: Lammerlaws bridge - drawings are available to view at 3 locations within the town for comment. The crane will have to be located on the Links when works are carried out. Any disruption to the Links will be restored when works are completed. Water feature - it is hoped to obtain additional equipment for the yellow area. Shrubberies - new trees and scrubs planted on Links and other shrubberies within the town attended to. Events - Switch on night was deemed a success with around 3,000 people attending. Bus service - link between Lonsdale Cres, Neilson Grove & Aberdour Rd to High St under negotiation. Traffic Calming - Kinghorn Rd/Cowdenbeath Rd budgets obtained to introduce calming measures to be in place 2007/08, latest 2008/09.

High Street: Leaflet drop - 6,000 copies planned for New Year allowing traders to advertise their products; Fife Life requested to do a feature for March edition; Allan Court Entrance - discussions to upgrade décor and lighting; adjacent property owners will be consulted. High St works update: Old Lamp Standards - to be removed w/c 11 Dec. Crossing - sourcing funding then construction will take place. Tree grills and slabs in place. Benches - on site w/c 11 Dec earliest. Artwork in footpaths - 32 cores in place by end of January. Remedial surfacing - monitor over next few weeks with repairs early New Year. White liners for parking areas - probably early in the New Year.

New Business covered: Burntisland Blooms - as this year is the Scout Association's 100th Anniversary it was suggested that they could perhaps be involved. The Woodland Trust Scheme have tree or hedging packs which they may lend to further this idea. The Rotary have indicated that they wish to sponsor a container. Any organisation or businesses who wish to sponsor a container please contact Sheila McGregor or any member of the Community Council. Local Rent office: members of the public again raised concerns that the office may not accept money for rent, additional refuse collections etc, resulting in the possible closure of the office. It was asked that the pedestrian crossing at the Aberdour Rd/ Kirkton be checked. Presently there is no continuous pavement on the south side causing persons to cross twice, at a blind spot, before being able to continue towards the High Street. Christmas Switch On Event - thanks was extended to those who participated in giving of their time and talents. It was however suggested that the "Switch On" time be advertised in future and it happen earlier in the evening enabling the youngest of children to stay awake to enjoy the event.

Happy New Year!

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