(For amendments, please see the minutes of the next meeting when available.)


Minutes of Community Council Meeting

held in the Burgh Chambers on

Friday, 10th February at 7 p.m.






Alex MacDonald (Chair)

Bob Smith (Vice Chair)

Isabel Smith (Secretary)

John Russell (Treasurer)

Ed Pybus (Minutes Secretary)

John Bruce

Gary Cummins

Morag Douglas

Peter George

Tim Hailey

Paul Briscoe (Burgh Buzz)

Cllr George Kay (Part-Time)

Cllr Susan Leslie

PS Scott Murray



13 members of the public



Christine Dewar

Martin McDonald

Neil Milsop

Zoe Williamson


 1     Chair's Opening Remarks
The chair opened the meeting. He noted that the Community Award Presentation to Ian Archibald was a great success.

 2     Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted, proposed by Bob Smith and seconded by Peter George.

 3     Notification of Community Concerns for A.O.B. (Item 11)
Jim Murdoch wanted to raise two issues concerning the Burntisland Common Good Fund.

 4     Police Report
PS Scott Murray noted that a new Chief Inspector had been appointed for the Mid Fife region. PC Graves and PC Gibb would be the Community Officers for Burntisland. PC Gibb has been invited to the Queens Garden Party in recognition of the work he has done for the community.
Funding for the Community Speed Watch programme had been secured and volunteers were now being recruited. Full training would be provided and anyone interested should contact Burntisland Police Station for more information burntisland@fife.pnn.police.uk
A survey of traffic speeds on the Kinghorn Loch Road from Burntisland to Kinghorn had been passed to the Fife Camera Unit. It is envisaged that cameras will be deployed on the route.
Three cars had been broken into in Burntisland and the perpetrators had been detected.
An arrest warrant had been issued and executed and £2,000 of stolen property had been recovered.  There had been a slight increase in youth disorder. The police were aware of who was involved.
As noted in the local press an article had been located in the Beacon Leisure centre and was currently with the Forensic Team in Dundee. This was an ongoing inquiry.
The next community engagement meeting will be held in Kinghorn Community Centre on Wednesday 14th March 7:30pm. This provides an opportunity to discuss general policing issues in an informal setting
Alex MacDonald had received notification that Fife Council were planning to decriminalise parking offences in Fife. This would enable Fife Council to police parking offences. It was noted that there had not been a full time police traffic warden in Burntisland for the past 18 months and recently police traffic wardens had had to undertake additional duties on top of policing parking offences. Cllr Susan Leslie noted that the decision had been taken some months ago by Fife Council with the intention of providing a better service as an officer would be able to concentrate on parking. It had not yet been decided if the wardens would be in- house or contracted out by Fife Council.  Alex MacDonald to write to Fife Council requesting a full time parking officer for Burntisland.
Action: Alex MacDonald to write to Fife Council

 5     Secretary's Report
Nothing to report

Treasurers Report
Full report appended. In was noted that the additional cost an emergency take down of the Christmas Lights was £600. Funding had provided a contingency of £350 leaving a shortfall of £250. Cllr Susan Leslie advised that an application could be made to the Locality Fund.
Action: Alex MacDonald to make application to Fife Council fund. John Russell to pay the outstanding bill to the contractors

 6     Environment

 6.1   Local Issues
Cllr Susan Leslie advised that the handrail on the steps at Lonsdale Crescent would be put in place in the next financial year.
The dangerous state of the Putting Green Shed on the Links was noted.  Cllr Susan Leslie to investigate.
Some of the street lights in the Links Carpark were not working. Alex MacDonald to follow up.
Action: Cllr Susan Leslie to investigate possibilities for the old links Putting Green Shed.  Alex MacDonald to follow up broken street lighting in the Links Carpark

 6.2   Dog Fouling
It was noted that there were several areas of Burntisland where dog fouling was a problem. Cromwell Road and Kirkbank Road were highlighted as two areas. Areas of concern can be reported to Fife Council who will dispatch teams to clean up the mess – generally the same day. Dog fouling is an offence and can be reported to the police – PS Murray noted that one complaint had been received by police within the last 6 months, and this was the only report within the last few years.

 6.3   Burntisland Shipyard Football Pitch.
There was some discussion as to who was allowed to play on the Shipyard's football pitch. It seemed that the club had a commitment to developing youth talent however recently organised youth matches had been asked to leave the pitch. It was unclear who was able to play on the pitch. The decision would lie with the clubs committee.
Action: Peter George to contact the club committee to seek clarification.

 6.4   Burntisland Museum and Local Office
It was noted that Fife Council plans to move the local office into Burntisland Library. When this is to happen the question of what happens to the Burntisland Museum was raised. It was suggested that space for a Burntisland Museum could be found on the old school site when the new school is built. It was noted that the Museum was a much loved attraction enjoyed by both locals and visitors. It was also noted that the Museum Display hadn't been changed in the 20 plus years it had been displayed which is unusual but was also part of its’ charm. Alex MacDonald to ask whether the relocation could be pursued via The Burnt island Heritage Trust.
Action: Alex MacDonald

 7     Burgh Buzz
Paul Briscoe noted that the current issue had more colour than previously. This had been widely praised. The cost was still covered by the advertising taken out. There was some delay in some advertisers paying up. There was a big demand for advertising, and more advertising space could be sold but the decision had been taken to limit the advertising to allow for more editorial content.

 8     Ongoing Business Items

 8.1   Review of local planning applications
There were three local planning applications: A 1st floor domestic extension, permission to repair and alter the old club house at Burntisland Bowling Club that would be in line with it's listed status and a change of use for 181 High Street from a sandwich bar to a take away. There were no objections to any of the applications.

 8.2      Strategic Projects Group
The War Memorial: Alex MacDonald has made an application to the Common Good Fund for additional funding. Bob Smith noted that the Burntisland Development Trust had yet to send a cheque to pay Hurd Rolland and the Quantity Surveyor Invoices.
Actions: Bob Smith to chase up Burntisland Development Trust for payment

Haugh Road Flooding: There had been two people offering to help monitor flooding. Morag Douglas had details of more people who were willing to help out.

 8.3   New Primary School
In response to the consultation and unanimous decision by the Fife Council Education Committee to choose the Toll Park as the site, Alex MacDonald had written to Fife Council. The majority of the Community Council supported a 'robust' letter which was duly sent. Replies had been received from Ken Grier at Fife Council and from the Scottish Government.  It was noted that the Scottish Government had no power to intervene in the process of school relocation.
The next Stakeholder meeting had been postponed. No minutes from the previous meeting had been circulated nor had a new date for the meeting been proposed. Cllr Susan Leslie to chase up.


Post Meeting Note: Meeting is due to be held Tuesday 6th March at 6:30 p.m. Minutes from the previous meeting are now available.


 8.4   Christmas Lights
As previously noted the contingency funding that had been provided by Fife Council for the Christmas Lights had not been sufficient to cover the additional costs incurred from the take down due to the damaged caused by the wind. This has meant that BCC have been obliged to make an additional funding request to Fife Council to make up the difference. At present the lights are owned by Fife Council and BCC has the responsibility to erect the lights. This is funded by Fife Council through an application for funding from the locality fund. Several towns in Fife, including Kirkcaldy, are included in a Fife-Wide Tender – Fife Council arranges and pays directly for the erection and installation of the lights. The Current tender did not include Burntisland and expired at the end of 2011. There was a discussion as to whether or not Burntisland would be included in the next round of tendering that was due to take place. Cllr Susan Leslie indicated that she would support Burntisland being included in the next Tender. However, since the issue would be decided after the local elections in May it would depend on decisions that would be taken after the election. John Russell proposed that BCC should no longer take responsibility for the Christmas Lights. After discussion it was decided that we would wait until the outcome of the tendering process. A group would be convened in the coming weeks to begin initially planning for a Christmas event, this may include representatives from a new Burnt island Traders Group.
Actions: Ed Pybus to contact Ken Halley at Fife Council to discuss replacement of the damaged lights and the ongoing tendering process.

 8.5   Burntisland/Kinghorn Parish Churches Malawi Visit Funding
At the last BCC Meeting it was noted that an Application had been made to Common Good Fund from Kinghorn and Burntisland Parish Churches to fund a visit by a group of young people to Malawi. Details were circulated to the BCC members after the meeting and in discussion it was decided not to support the Application. At a meeting of the Area Committee, Fife Council decided to support the application and unanimously awarded £2,000 from the Burntisland Common Good Fund to the group. Cllr Susan Leslie pointed out that the Councillors had all felt that the project would benefit the Community as the people involved would be working with the Community both before and after the visit and so had approved the Application. It was felt that in this respect Fife Council had not taken into account the wishes of the BCC.
Action: Isabel Smith to draft a letter of complaint to Fife Council to highlight this point and discuss a general agreement with Fife Council as to how Common Good Fund money would be allocated in the future

 9     Awaiting Update

 9.1   Burntisland Sports Group
No further update

 9.2   Clock Chimes
No further update

 9.3   Burntisland Community Trust
No further update

 9.4   Burgh Chambers Furniture
No further update

 9.5   Draft Common Good Fund Property Review Report
This was ongoing and there had been no update from Fife Council.
Actions: Alex MacDonald to request update on the position from Fife Council

 9.6   BCC membership
There had been an expression of interest from Alison Duncan. Isabel Smith had requested that she submit a personal profile, but none had been received to date.

 9.7   Burntisland Floral Enhancement
A coffee morning had been organised for Saturday, 10th March to raise funds and recruit further volunteers to assist with the floral enhancement. Any assistance from BCC members on the day would be appreciated.
Action: Ed Pybus and Morag Douglas to organise details of the coffee morning, circulate posters etc

 10                        New Business Items

 10.1      Burgh Chambers Clock Tower
(NB As Cllr George Kay had to leave this business was conducted at the start of the meeting)
Cllr George Kay reported on the state of several buildings in the Town owned by the Common Good Fund:

215 High Street – This building is in a poor state of repair and needed to be demolished. However, the building is 'landlocked' as there are buildings on each side of it which makes demolition difficult. Fife Council were currently in negotiations with the owner of the garage to demolish both the garage and 215 High Street.

104 High Street – This building had been further damaged in the high winds in December/January. This contributed to the already poor maintenance of the building. Internally the building was rotten and dampness was seeping into the local office. One option would be to demolish this building, but that would leave the local office exposed. It was noted that the local office is being moved into the Library building.

Burgh Chambers Clock Tower – It appeared there was damage to the Burgh Chambers Clock Tower and Fife Council Building Inspectors would be carrying out a detailed inspection of the whole building in the coming weeks.

All this means that there is an urgent need for major repairs to many of the Common Good Buildings in the Town which will incur a substantial cost. It may be possible to apply for funding for this, but an end use for the buildings would need to be in place before any funding could be secured. If the repair work was funded from the Common Good Fund it would commit the majority of the fund for many years to come, so this was not seen as a viable option. The Ward Councillors would discuss the issue and pass it onto the newly elected members to be treated as a matter of urgency.

 10.2      Proposed installation of three Wind Turbines at Longloch Farm
Alex MacDonald had attended a meeting at Longloch Farm along with representatives from Kinghorn,  Auchtertool and Aberdour Community Councils. There was a proposal to erect three Wind Turbines in the vicinity of the farm. Revenue would be split between the Landowners and two Charities.  There would also be a community fund which may be in the region of £25k per year. It was stressed that this outline proposal was at a very early stage. It was agreed to invite a representative from the group to the next BCC meeting to discuss the plans further.
Action: Alex MacDonald to invite a representative to the next meeting

 10.3      Is wind the answer?
Alex MacDonald noted that Community Councils had been invited to a meeting in St Andrews to discuss wind as a form of renewable energy on 1st March 2012. Anyone was welcome to attend.

 10.4      Community Clean Up
Burntisland Community Council had been invited to take part in a community clean up of the Fife Coastal Path by Fife Council.                   Gary Cummins agreed to contact Fife Council to arrange details.
Action: Gary Cummins to arrange details. Ed Pybus to assist with publicity

 10.5      National Network of Community Councils
Alex MacDonald noted that BCC had received an invitation to join a National Network of Community Councils. It would be up to individual members of the Council to join if they felt it was appropriate. More details at

 11                        ANY OTHER BUSINESS

 11.1      Jim Murdoch raised two issues related to the Common Good Fund.

Had the issue of the common good element of the Toll Park been resolved in relation to the new school build?

A part of the Toll Park was owned by the Widows Land Fund. It was indicated that Fife Council had received legal advice that the land could be appropriated and made available for the new school with a revenue paid into the Common Good Fund.  Solicitors had been appointed to look after the Widows Land Fund interest.

Was there clarification on ownership of the library?

It was clarified that the Library was not owned by the common good fund.

 12                        Date of the next meeting
The next meeting of the BCC would be Friday, 9th March 7.00 p.m. in the Burgh Chambers.

 13                        Private Meeting

 13.1                  Martin MacDonald’s personal circumstances and apologies for absence were noted. It was agreed that whilst the Community Council had a responsibility to reflect all sections of the community the regular meeting dates would remain for the time being as the second Friday of each month.

 13.2                  It was proposed that the BCC Secretary and Treasurer be paid an honorarium for additional costs incurred whilst attending to community council business. Such honorarium had been paid in the past but had not been paid for the last 24 months. It was proposed that the Secretary be paid £200 and the Treasurer be paid £100. This was agreed. BCC members who incur specific costs in relation to community council business should continue to submit receipts in order to be reimbursed.